Plastics are ubiquitous not only in the environment, but also in our bodies. Recent studies identified the presence of plastics in our circulatory system 🩸 and lungs 🫁, showing that plastics can enter our bodies through respiratory tracts and other means. Do you know how much plastic you consume each day? Take a look at the video below to find out!

Why are plastics everywhere?

Plastics can enter the natural environment through various means. For instance, dumping activities, floating because of bad weather, etc. Check out the animation to see how plastics enter our environment!

Plastic does not disappear. Instead, it breaks into millions of small pieces and sits in landfills and other natural environments to be ingested by wildlife and yes – humans. How is it possible to solve the problem? Check out The Ultimate Solution and Our Plastic Work to see what we have been tackling this problem! 

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