How much plastic did you consume today?

Plastic does not disappear. Instead, it breaks into millions of pieces and sits in landfills, eventually filtering into our oceans to be ingested by wildlife and yes – humans. Studies show microplastics have already entered our food chain, so it’s perhaps not surprising that we already have been unwittingly consuming plastic.

Microplastics are contaminating the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

An average person could be ingesting approximately five grams of plastic per week – the equivalent of one credit card.

Break the cycle: Avoid single-use plastic in daily life and support tougher legislation governing the use and production of plastic. Sign our petition now:

WWF has been working with various sectors in the community to help turn the tide against plastic marine litter by developing long-term solutions to marine litter. Read more to find out about our work with numerous groups and see how YOU can be part of the solution!

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