Coastal Watch Album

Kick Off Ceremony 2014-2015

Talk about making a big splash! The long-awaited kick-off ceremony for the Coastal Watch Project finally arrived, and marine lovers from all across Hong Kong came out to support the Coastal Watch team. Mr Wong Kam-sing, Secretary for the Environment, joined the event and delivered a stirring speech on marine conservation. Click the link to see photos of the ceremony!

Team Scientist Training 2014-2015

The first year Coastal Watch Team Scientist training event was a massive success! Our new team scientists were interested and proactive and learned all about scientifically-sound methodologies for protecting and monitoring Hong Kong's valuable coastal habitats. Now it’s their turn to teach this knowledge to our eager volunteers!

Volunteer Training 2014-2015

Volunteers are the secret to our success! Making the Coastal Watch project a triumph involves a lot more effort than you might imagine – it involves much more than “just” recruiting volunteers and cleaning up shorelines! The long process began with the organization of two bilingual volunteer training workshops. The volunteers were given detailed instructions on how to perform ecological and marine litter surveys, while conservation experts inspired the group by sharing their experiences and feelings about conservation work. The result was a large group of professional, committed volunteers. Just look at them!

Ocean Seminar 1

Apart from providing the latest updates on the 2012 plastic pellet spill disaster, our first Ocean Seminar also covered a number of other fascinating conservation topics. We invited Dr Allen To of WWF-Hong Kong to discuss the “Relevance and Significance of Sustainable Seafood”; Dickson Wong, MPhil in Environmental Science, to talk about a “Treasure Hunt at the Natural Coasts”; and Tracey Read of Plastic Free Seas to share her views in “Plastic Pellet Disaster 2012 – The Bigger Picture”. Each of the talks was interesting and inspiring at the same time!

Ocean Seminar 2

During the second Ocean Seminar, Dr Michelle Cheung of the Eco-Education and Resources Centre was invited to discuss the marine pollution problem in a session called “What Goes Into the Ocean and its Impact on Us”. Katherine Leung of WWF talked about coastal birds and their struggle for survival in adverse circumstances on coastlines around the world, while Jo Wilson of Living Lamma reminded everyone “What Your Mother Should Have Taught You”, showing us how we can conserve the marine environment together. It was truly an insightful and fruitful day!

Ocean Seminar 3

The third Ocean Seminar saw Ms Yen Pun and Mr Chris Chan from the EPD share their findings from the Marine Refuse Study and talk about upcoming public relations and education activities in the exciting “Latest developments on the Clean Shorelines Initiative” session. Ms Samantha Lee of WWF-Hong Kong also introduced facts about Chinese white dolphins in her session entitled “Les Misérables – Chinese White Dolphins”. Check out the event photos here!

Site Action Recaps 2014-2015

Without even realising it, suddenly the Coastal Watch team finished all the site actions for the first year! During the comprehensive study, our team visited a huge range of coastal habitats including mangroves, sandy shores, rocky shores, coral communities and coastal water areas. From the whole team: thank you to everyone for your incredibly generous contribution to the project. Now, let’s recap some of the highlights of the action and check out what each team accomplished!

Kick Off Ceremony 2015-2016

The 2015-16 Kick Off Ceremony which launched the second year of Coastal Watch was another big success. Dr Ko Wing-man, Secretary for Food and Health of the Hong Kong government helped celebrate this wonderful event with us. At the ceremony, we also gave a big thank you to everyone who had embraced and participated in this important project over the past year and made the first year such a huge triumph!

Team Scientist Training 2015-2016

The Team Scientist training event for the second year of Coastal Watch was a big hit! This year, the training continued to focus on teaching team scientists to conduct ecological and marine litter surveys by using professional and scientifically-sound methodologies. Although the team scientists in training came from a wide variety of backgrounds, they also shared a common vision – giving their all to protect our coastal areas!

Volunteer Training 2015-2016

The Coastal Watch Year Two volunteer training workshop broke participants into small groups in order to help them clearly understand the various survey methodologies before completing their site actions. We’re happy to report that our volunteers paid total attention during the class – they knew it was a valuable chance for them to learn more about Hong Kong’s marine ecology. Check out the photos here!

Ocean Seminar 4

It's already the fourth Ocean Seminar organized by Coastal Watch team. This time we invited Mr. Wu Cheuk Ho, Project officer (Research & Education) of Hong Kong Discovery to take us on an adventure to the Polar regions with the talk “Beyond The Horizon – Marine and Polar Conservation”; Ms. Joe Cheung of OPCF to talk about “Writing the Future: Horseshoe Crabs in Hong Kong”; and Nissa Marion of Hong Kong Cleanup to share her views in how a zero waste future for our ocean can be achieved. Each of the talks was meaningful!

Ocean Seminar 5

The fifth Ocean Seminar organised by the Coastal Watch team was a great success - we got full house again! This time we have invited upcycling product designer Kevin Cheung to share his thought on upcyling trend in Hong Kong, inspiring people to have a new perspective on how products are being made, consumed and disposed of. We have also invited Philip Yip from AFCD to talk about sea turtle conservation. Lastly, Patrick Yeung from WWF Hong Kong gave a speech on the latest update of Lap Sap Wan, and kicked off "The Story of Lap Sap Wan" display on the same day. Check out the great photos here!

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